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TreeViewColumnResize By Einhugur Software

This is a free class that adds user resizable column feature to the TreeView control.

Requirements: TreeView 2.6 or greater, REALbasic 2005 or greater.

License: Free

TreeView Printing module 1.1 By Ben Blake

This is a free module that lets you easily print the contents of the TreeView (v1.5 or greater))

Requirements: TreeView 1.5 or greater.
License: Free

DateControl 3.1 By Keith DeLong

The DateControl classes are fields for REALbasic that replicate the functionality of the date & time fields found in the Mac OS and Windows Date & Time Control Panel.

Features include:
* Date and Time Fields display any valid date object passed to the field.
* Date and Time Fields return a valid RB date object.
* Display/Format is controlled by Date & Time Control Panel settings.
* Tab forward or backward through the date/time items.
* Automatic date/time keyboard filtering and control.
* Increment items using the ArrowKeys, +/- keys, or LittleArrows
* Full international Date/Time support
* 14 new date methods and properties including, the da nameleap years, month name, days in month, date and time separators.

REALbasic version 5.5 MAC Classic, OS X, Win32

Requirements: REALbasic 5.5 or later.
License: Commercial ($35) - (Free for current Einhugur users)
The authors web: Redcort Software's REALbasic Development Page