Version History


  • Added RequestBuddyControl event to handle better deep nested embedding.
  • Updated the Toolbar icon for Xojo 2016.x versions.


  • Added 64 bit compile support for Mac targets.
  • Added 64 bit compile support for Windows targets.
  • Added 64 bit compile support for Linux targets.
  • Added ARM support for Linux targets.


  • Changed the embedding rules to support more complex combinations of embedding.
  • Plugin segments come code signed on MacOS X systems.
  • Documentation now also ships as docset for the awesome Dash viewer from


  • Now also ships with a Xojo plugin. The Xojo plugin comes in the new Xojo format and is compiled with newer SDK, and includes Cocoa design time mode.
  • Made the ErrorProvider control Retina high resolution compatible.
  • Added HighResImage property to support icons in retina mode.
  • Changed Linking so that the ErrorProvider could work with modern Linux distros like Ubuntu 12.04 for example when used with Real Studio 2012 or later.


  • Fixed a issue with the newest REALbasic versions on detecting if a control lives on a ContainerControl.


  • Added a ErrorCount property.
  • Fixed a crash issue with handling of the default ErrorProvider image.


  • The control no longer posts a bogus error message on composite windows where it was incorrectly saying composite was not supported.
  • Added a DisableBlink property.


  • Fixed issue where the ErrorProvider crashed if showing error for controls that live on on Tab or PagePanels.


  • This is the first version.