MacOS Classic (Non Carbon mode) - MacOS X PPC - MacOS X Intel - Windows


REALbasic 2008r1 or later.




GammaLib is a REALbasic plugin to control the monitors hardware Gamma ramps.


Carbon Important notes: The fact that it is OS X compatible does not mean that it is Carbon compatible!, the GammaLib is not in any way Carbon compatible, if you run it in Carbon IDE while running MacOS Classic then it will throw up a message-box stating that it can only be used on Carbon IDE while running MacOS X or a non Carbon IDE while running MacOS classic.

If a application is compiled for Carbon and run on Carbon Classic then the compiled Apps will not post this warning message-box, the application will continue but it will not change the gamma, its up to the user of this lib to throw up a warning in the compiled application.


This product is a commercial software, only registered users are allowed to use it.

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Einhugur Software and the author, are in no way responsible for the bugs that might be found in this product. However, Einhugur Software will do its best to fix the bugs.

Officially we only support versions noted above and up to current official (not alpha or beta versions) version of REALbasic at the date of when this plugin is published. We cannot predict what changes might come in future versions of REALbasic.