Version History


  • Added support for macOS Mojave dark themes.
  • Phased out old HITheme Carbon API making the control have zero Carbon footprint.
  • Adjusted drawing in the Windows IDE for the latest Xojo so arrow draws in right place when in IDE mode.
  • Removed support for old style Carbon compile, and minimum MacOS version is now 10.9.
  • 4.1.4:

  • Fixed crash issue on Windows systems when DoubleBuffer and HasDBBackColor properties were both set to true.


  • Enter and return keys when the button has focus can now also trigger the button in addition to the spacebar that was already doing this.


  • Updated the drawing API for next generation of Xojo.


  • Added Windows Hi-DPI support.
  • Added Linux Hi-DPI support
  • Added Gtk3 support on Linux.
  • Changed disabled state handling for Images.


  • Added compatibility for changes in Xojo 2016r4.
  • Preliminary support for the new Xojo HiDPI system (full support not to be expected until Xojo fixes bug 43174)


  • Added 64 bit compile support for Mac target.
  • Added 64 bit compile support for Windows target.
  • Added 64 bit compile support for Linux target.
  • Added ARM compile support for Linux target.


  • Now also ships with a Xojo plugin. The Xojo plugin comes in the new Xojo format and is compiled with newer SDK, and includes Cocoa design time mode.


  • Made the PictureButton control Retina high resolution compatible.
  • Added HighResIcon property to support icons in retina mode.
  • Changed Linking so that the PictureButton could work with modern Linux distros like Ubuntu 12.04 for example when used with Real Studio 2012 or later.


  • Tweaked the Linux build to work with Real Studio 2012r1.


  • The CaptionDeltaX is now also affects the centered CaptionAlignment property.
  • Added a GetOptimalWidth function to support components such as the FlowLayout.
  • Added AutoWidth property to support components such as the FlowLayout.
  • Added MinWidth property to support components such as the FlowLayout.
  • Added MaxWidth property to support components such as the FlowLayout.
  • Added DBBackColor property.
  • Fixed issue when in design mode in the Windows IDE of REALbasic where button would draw in wrong place in the designer if button is in double buffering mode.


  • Fixed a issue where REALbasic 2010r4 would crash when PictureButton 2.1 was moved around when in design mode.


  • Fixed a issue on Linux systems where a button was sometimes clickable if it was disabled.
  • Changed entry point loading to support REALbasic 2010r5 and later.


  • Added Cocoa compile support (REALbasic 2010r4 or later needed for using Cocoa)
  • Used a more optimised compiler on Windows systems.


  • Added DoubleBuffer property that adds double buffering option to Windows systems.
  • Improved flicker handling on Windows systems when not in DoubleBuffer mode.


  • Added a TextUnit property for REALbasic 2009r4.
  • Fixed font size issues affecting REALbasic 2009r4.
  • Changed the TextSize to be Single type instead of Integer to support REALbasic 2009r4.


  • MouseDown event now also fires on buttons that have a menu, giving you ability to alter the menu just before its posted.
  • Added a ToolButton property.


  • The full keyboard access is now also supported on the drop down the menus.
  • Fixed issue with the Value property where it would not trigger refresh.
  • 1.0.2:

  • Fixed issue on MacOS where REALbasic sometimes delivered the graphics context with old renderer turned on, making text not very nice.
  • Fixed issue when the button lived on a Tab Panel on a MacOS Composite Window.


  • This is the first version.