Version History


  • Added example project for the new Polygon making feature that comes from the new TypeLib 8.1, all effects in the plugin that support masking, old and new can do Polygon masking.
  • Added MapEffectRaw class that inherits from MPImageFilterRaw.
  • Added GainEffectRaw class that inherits from MapEffectRaw.
  • Added EqualizeEffectRaw class that inherits from MapEffectRaw.
  • Added ExposureEffectRaw class that inherits from MapEffectRaw.
  • Added ContrastStretchEffectRaw class that inherits from MapEffectRaw.
  • Added example projects for all the new effects.
  • The plugin has been tested against Xojo 2017r2 on Linux (for GTK3 issues).


  • Added ShapeDistort class. This is new implementation and not based on the one that we have in our main PictureEffects plugin, the new one has far better quality, more speed and more features.
  • The MPImageFilterRaw multi CPU base unit now has same capabilities as our MPImageFilter class, enabling us to start porting effects at faster pace.
  • Added BrightnessEffectRaw class.
  • Added ColorFilterEffectRaw class.
  • Added ContrastEffectRaw class.
  • Added GrayscaleEffectRaw class.
  • Added InvertEffectRaw class.
  • Added SepiaEffectRaw class.
  • All existing and new effects now use IProgressHandlerV2 instead of IProgressHandler which allows for canceling.
  • Added Canceled property to the MPImageFilterRaw class.
  • Fixed critical issue in high quality mode in the RotationEffect when having 1, 2 or 3 channels.
  • Fixed color issue for the background filling in the RotationEffect.
  • All the new effects now use new Masking system far more advanced than in the main PictureEffects plugin.
  • Added some example projects.


  • This is the first version, where scaling was done as test pilot project for a customer that will deploy on Enterprise cloud servers.
  • This first version also is doing rotation on RawBitmaps to support the new Einhugur BarcodePlugin