Version History


  • Fixed issue with Tab controls on Windows systems.


  • Added Windows Hi-DPI support.
  • Added Windows Hi-DPI IDE design mode support.
  • Improved drawing on hoovering buttons while editing is taking place on Windows systems.
  • Changed colors of hoovering buttons on Windows systems.
  • Improved buddy control support so the controls works properly on container controls on Windows systems.
  • Did workarounds to work around Xojo 2016r4 and 4.1 bug: 46730
  • Did workarounds to work around Xojo 2016r4 and 4.1 bug: 46716
  • Greatly improved drawing on all Linux systems including Raspberry PI.


  • Added a MacBorderStyle property.
  • Did Windows fixes for next coming version of Xojo.


  • Improved stability when using Buddy control on Windows and Linux systems.
  • Use of Buddy the control feature on Windows and Linux systems is now preferred as we don't think any other kind of embedding will ever be safe.
  • Improved the click experience on Windows systems, routing the click into the buddy control when it is first displayed.


  • Fixed a issue in IDE design mode that could cause strange ghosting.
  • Added support for retina mode while in IDE design time.
  • Did some other minor fixes and tweaks.


  • Added CancelButtonAction event.
  • Added CancelEventAction method.
  • Pressing the cancel button which erases the text now correctly lets the TextChange event fire.
  • All Linux targets are now compiled with Clang.
  • 1.5:

  • Added 64 bit compile support for Mac targets.
  • Added 64 bit compile support for Windows targets.
  • Added 64 bit compile support for Linux targets.
  • Added ARM support for Linux targets.
  • Fixed critical embedding issue on Linux and Windows systems.
  • Added RequestBuddyControl event to help difficult embedding cases on Windows and Linux systems.


  • Fixed issue with the ClearMenu method on all platforms that would cause crash when adding menus again after menus had been cleared.


  • Fixed issue where the full version incorrectly contained demo version on MacOS X.


  • This is the first version.