SearchControl Xojo Plugin

SearchControl Control

The SearchControl is a Xojo plugin control to represent search user interface functionality.

Main features:

Since Xojo does not support Embedding well then it is now preferred that you use the BuddyControl feature for Linux and Windows systems. (It is ok to use for all platforms, OS X will ignore it).

To use the BuddyControl feature:
You would use this if your having issues with embedding on TabPanel or container control for example.

To use it you would put a TextField in same pane as your SearchControl. Then you would put Border to false and Visible to false on the TextField. And finally in the RequestBuddyControl event you return the instance of the Text field.

Like for example:
Function RequestBuddyControl() As TextField
    return TextField1
End Function

This event does nothing on Mac.


control SearchControl


DebugDataSizeUsed for internal quality control of the plugin.
HasCancelButtonIf set to true then the control will have a cancel button on its right side.
HasMenuIf set to true then the left button will host a menu.
MacBorderStyleSets the BorderStyle on mac to Rounded (default) or Square
MenuItemCountReturns the count of menu items.
PlaceHolderTextA property to set or get placeholder which is used to display placeholder text as grey text in the control when it has no search text entered and the control does not have focus.
SendSearchStringImmediatelyIf set to true then search event will be fired right away as text is typed.
SendWholeSearchStringIf set to true then search events are only sent when the user presses enter key or presses the search icon.
TextSets or gets the search text in the control.


AddMenuItemAdds a MenuItem to the menu in the left icon button.
CancelEventActionTo cancel a events internal action then call this method from within a event.
ClearMenuClears the menu.
MenuItemReturns a MenuItem by a given index
SetFocusSets focus to the control.
SyncMenuSyncs the menu items if you have made changes to menu items after adding them. This is needed for the MacOS X native control.


CancelButtonActionThis event is fired when the cancel button is clicked.
GotFocusThis event is fired when the control gets the focus.
LostFocusThis event is fired when the control looses the focus.
MenuClickThis event is fire when a MenuItem was clicked in the left button Menu.
RequestBuddyControlUsed on Windows and Linux to manually assign TextField to the control if your having embedding issues.
SearchThis event is fired when your application should do search.
TextChangeThis event is fired when the text changes.

Supported Platforms:

  • MacOS X Cocoa 32 bit
  • MacOS X Cocoa 64 bit
  • Windows 32 bit
  • Windows 64 bit
  • Linux 32 bit
  • Linux 64 bit
  • Linux ARM

    Unsupported Platforms:

  • MacOS X Carbon