Version History


  • Added support for macOS Mojave dark themes.
  • Mac version has now option of macOS Panel style in addition to existing styles.
  • Phased out old HITheme Carbon API making the control have zero Carbon footprint.
  • Removed support for old style Carbon compile, and minimum MacOS version is now 10.9.
  • Removed obsolete CarbonLiveMove property.
  • Removed obsolete MacFailStyle property.
  • Removed needed dependency to CoreClasses.


  • Re-wrote the WindowSplitter on Windows systems to make the Non live mode work decently. The new non live mode on Windows supports container controls and nesting.
  • Updated the drawing API for Xojo 2018r2 or later.


  • Added support for HiDPI on Linux systems.
  • The plugin now comes in two versions one for Xojo 2017r1 and older (GTK2 on Linux systems) and one for Xojo 2017r2 and newer (GTK3 on Linux systems). Note that on Ubuntu when the WindowSplitter is in Linux Native mode it draws nothing. Ubuntu's GTK3 test code for this theme part seems to give same result. We were able to verify that drawing is working when testing on Armbian under native mode where it does actually draw the knob.


  • Did more Windows changes for Xojo 2016r4 compatibility.


  • Did Windows changes for Xojo 2016r4 compatibility.


  • Added support for HiDPI on Windows systems.
  • Fixed double click issue on Windows systems that only affected the first click.
  • Added HiDPI and Retina toolbar icons for design mode with Xojo 2016 and later.


  • Added 64 bit compile support for Mac targets.
  • Added 64 bit compile support for Windows targets.
  • Added 64 bit compile support for Linux targets.
  • Added ARM 32 compile support for Linux targets.


  • Fixed memory unlocking issue that could cause crash in some cases on Windows systems.


  • Fixed memory unlocking issue that could cause crash in some cases.


  • Added CursorSmoothing property.
  • Changed theme rendering on OS X Yosemite due to bug in the normal Yosemite theme renderer.
  • Changed the timing on the InitialPosition event on MacOS targets. (We are not sure if changes in Xojo or Yosemite made it behave in unwanted way)
  • Changed the compile architecture on Windows systems.
  • Updated internal old and deprecated APIs.


  • Improved the Xojo plugin support, the previous Xojo port was from the very early days of Xojo.
  • Plugin segments come code signed on MacOS X systems.
  • Plugin now ships with CoreClasses 6.0 and has been optimized for some faster data access that 6.0 offers internally.
  • Documentation now also ships as docset for the awesome Dash viewer from


  • Now also ships with a Xojo plugin. The Xojo plugin comes in the new Xojo format and is compiled with newer SDK, and includes Cocoa design time mode.


  • Changed Linking so that the WindowSplitter could work with modern Linux distros like Ubuntu 12.04 for example when used with Real Studio 2012 or later.


  • Tweaked the control in Windows build to enable the control to work correctly on the new REAL Studio 2012r1.
  • Changed the linking on Linux systems to enable the control to work correctly on the new REAL Studio 2012r1.


  • Fixed a crash issue with the remove control function.
  • Changed the AddControl function so that you can no longer unintentionally add the same control twice.


  • Added Cocoa compile support (REALbasic 2010r3.1 or later needed for using Cocoa)


  • Fixed a issue that only happened in REALbasic 2009r5.
  • Added a RemoveControl method (2 variations)
  • Plugin is now linked against and dependent on libstdc++6 instead of libstdc++5 on Linux systems.
  • Used a more optimized compiler on Windows systems.


  • Did changes so that the WindowSplitter can run on REALbasic 2008r2.


  • Disconnected dependency on the old and depreciated IsCMMClick function to make sure the plugin will work on future REALbasic versions.
  • The Universal Binary is now compiled as Bundle instead of dylib to support the new mechanism in REALbasic to load Mach-O plugins directly into memory.


  • Added support for MacOS X Universal Build.


  • The WindowSplitter now can do native theme rendering on Linux systems to get the theme compliant Linux look and feel.
  • Added a "Linux Native" option to the LinuxStyle property.
  • Mouse-Cursor handling is now fully automatic when using REALbasic 2005 or later.
  • Manual Mouse-Cursor handling in cases where custom cursors are wanter or using REALbasic older than 2005 has been greatly simplified.
  • Mouse-Cursor handling is now more accurate in regard to properly hit-testing actual click zones, this goes both for manual and automatic cursor handling.
  • Added a ChangeMouseCursor event.


  • Added another variation of the AddControl method to support managing container controls. (REALbasic 2005r2 and later only feature).
  • Added another variation fo the AddControlNoResize method to support managing container controls (REALbasic 2005r2 and later only feature).
  • Added support for the WindowSplitter to live on a container control. (REALbasic 2005r1 and r2 supported in this feature)


  • Fixed a problem where Mach-O applications would only be usable to MacOS X 10.3.9 and later user. (Because of using GCC 4.0).
  • Added support for users of the plugin to decide on if using more optimized GCC 4.0 Mach-O segment or a more backward compatible Mach-O segment. (Can be configured by using Plugin Tool 2.5 or later).


  • Fixed a problem in MacOS 10.4.x (Tiger) where the splitter knob was still getting drawn upside down for most users.


  • Fixed a problem in MacOS 10.4.x (Tiger) where the splitter knob was drawn upside down.
  • Improved the support for next generation of REALbasic.
  • Ported the Mach-O target to use Xcode to prepare for upcoming Mac Intel targets.
  • The Mach-O target is now 40% smaller.
  • Improved the documentation.


  • Added support for the PeekNext interface change that was done in CoreClasses.


  • The plugin was altered so it could pass tests for next generation of REALbasic.


  • The Mach-O targets were re-linked without flat namespace to enable multiple Mach-O plugins to run in the same project.
  • The plugin now comes with high quality HTML documentation instead of RB Plugin Plunger documentation.


  • Added new property: IsDocked as Boolean (Read only)
  • Added new property: DoubleClickAction as Integer (0 - None, 1 - DockBack, 2 - DockForward)
  • Added new method: Dock(before as Boolean)
  • Added new method: Undock()
  • Renamed Dock event to Docked.
  • Renamed Undock event to Undocked.
  • The plugin now comes as a dual mode binary to support newer versions of REALbasic better without letting old versions hold it back.


  • Added Mach-O compile support. (Feature for REALbasic 5.5.2 and later)


  • Added a InitialPosition event.
  • Added a Dock event.
  • Added a Undock event.
  • Added a DockBefore property.
  • Added a DockBeforeSize property.
  • Added a DockAfter property.
  • Added a DockAfterSize property.
  • Fixed a Window bottom line miscalculation on Windows systems.
  • Fixed a Window bottom line miscalculation on Linux systems.
  • The plugin is now protected against version conflicts on Windows and Linux systems.
  • 5.5:

  • Added Linux support.
  • Added a LinuxStyle property.


  • Added REALbasic 5.5 compatibility.
  • Fixed a minor memory leak.


  • Added a MacStyle property.
  • Added a MacFailStyle property (Used when the given MacStyle is not available on the end users System).
  • Added a WinStyle property.
  • Added a CarbonLiveMove property.
  • Added a ClassicLiveMove property.
  • Added a WinLiveMove property.
  • Added 2 new styles, OS-X and OS-X metal (only available in the MacStyle property, and both use Panther theme rendering)
  • Added "None" as a Style option.
  • Removed the old Style property.
  • Removed the old LiveMovement property.
  • Removed the old DrawMarker property.


  • Fixed a problem where x and y parameters got swapped when doing live movement on a horizontal WindowSplitter.


  • Added a LiveMovement property.
  • Added a AddControlNoResize method.
  • The plugin now also ships with a version for the Windows IDE.


  • Added a full support for REALbasic 5 composite windows.
  • Fixed a problem where the copy protection could cause unwanted nag on the new REALbasic 5.0.


  • Added a AddUnmanagedControl method. (Which is to add a control which don't respect the Plugin SDK rules, such as TabPanel or PagePanel without REALbasic corrupting memory on exit).
  • Did some tweaks for REALbasic 5.0.
  • 4.1.2:

  • Compiled the plugin to be multi-byte aware in Interfaces. (To fix problems with some Asian languages)
  • Fixed a bug in the MoveFirst method.
  • 4.1:

  • Fixed a Win32 which could corrupt GDI ports on non Windows NT based systems (that is Windows 95 and 98).
  • The control now Implements the IIterator Interface which gives those who want to subclass the control ability to access the internal control vector.
  • Added a NextIsBefore function to support the subclassing Iterator.


  • Fixed a Win32 problem where the Graphics port was left in XOR mode.


  • Added a Paint event to do Custom Rendering of the WindowSplitter.
  • Added a HitTest event to set a custom "Hot Point" for the WindowSplitter.


  • Added a Position property to greatly simplify restoring WindowSplitter positions from a preference file. (Setting initial position)


  • Added a AddControl method to let the WindowSplitter automatically manage resizing and moving of controls that are assigned to it.
  • Events are now preloaded to prevent random crash on some versions of REALbasic that don't support loading of events on the fly.
  • Fixed Win32 concurrency issues with other Einhugur plugins.
  • Fixed a Carbon memory glitch.
  • The WindowSplitter now comes with proper documentation.


  • The WindowSplitter now compiles under MacOS X Final.


  • The WindowSplitter now compiles under MacOS X B1.


  • Carbon support added
  • Style property added which supports:
  • - REALbasic style
  • - Outlook style
  • The control now will move it self after movement:


  • Win32 support added