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Einhugur related links:

Products that use components from Einhugur Software

Sites that have classes that extend Einhugur technology:

Ben Blake's Grid printing modules

Other sites that have REALbasic plugins:

VanHoek Software (REAL Studio plugins)
Valentina - The incredibly fast and powerful database engine.
TT Plugs - TT also has the excellent ZIP Archive classes.
kanzu Utilities - They have a plugin to read EXIF Information from Images.
ElfData - They have the ElfData plugin (String utility plugin).
Bob Delaney's Science Software - Several math oriented REALbasic plugins.
MBS Plugins, a lot of plugins for REAL Studio.

REAL Studio developer related links:

REALsoftware - the makers of REAL Studio
Lua (The makers of the Lua interpreter)