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Registrator - Decoder

The Registrator is used to decrypt the products from Einhugur Software and other vendors with your serial number.

Einhugur Plugin Tool 3.3

This tool is to read version information from new style .rbx REALbasic plugins. The tool also can enable and disable built in HTML help in Plugins, as well as enable and disable Mach-O segments in new style .rbx plugins which can be useful for those who write console applications for MacOS X.

The Einhugur Plugin Tool can help you to determine if all your Einhugur and Van Hoek Plugins are up to date.

The version information is built into all .rbx plugins from Einhugur Software as well as into plugins from some other authors which use build tools from Einhugur Software.

iSVN (Subversion Client)

A MacOS X client application for the Subversion version control system.

Please note that this is incomplete alpha software.

To use this software then Subversion from needs to be installed to get the Subversion command line tools.