DataGrid REALbasic Plugin

DataGridColumn Class

DataGridColumn class allows to manipulate DataGrid column data.

This class may never be manually constructed.


class DataGridColumn


AlignmentUse the Alignment property to set or get the default alignment for the given column.
CellFactoryIDThis can be used to control how new cells in the given column will be born.
DefaultCellGets the DefaultCell from the Column.
HeaderThis property returns the header cell as DataGridCell for the given column.
ItemDataThis property is used to hook an custom Variant value to a individual column.
MinWidthUse this property to set or get the minimum width of a given column.
WidthUse this property to set or get the width of a given column.


CopyDefaultCellMakes the Column have a physical copy of the Grid's Default style instead of just having a reference to it. This is needed when a column is to have a different set of default cells than the rest of the Grid.

Supported Platforms:

  • PPC - MacOS 9
  • Carbon - MacOS 9 and MacOS X (PEF)
  • MacOS X PPC - (Mach-O)
  • MacOS X Universal Binary (Mach-O)
  • Win32 - Windows
  • Linux x86