DataGrid REALbasic Plugin

DataGridMarker Class

DataGridMarker class allows to create visible or invisible markers for a DataGrid.

A marker can be visible, with or without extra data, or a marker can be simply just to attach extra invisible data to a cell.

This class is inheritable.

To attach additional data to the cell then inherit this class and add the desired properties to it.


class DataGridMarker


DataGridMarkerThe default constructor for the StyleGridMarker.
DataGridMarkerA constructor that takes a marker color as parameter.
DataGridMarkerA constructor that takes a marker color and marker placement as parameters.


MarkerColorSets or gets the color of the marker.
PlacementSets or gets the placement of the marker.

Supported Platforms:

  • PPC - MacOS 9
  • Carbon - MacOS 9 and MacOS X (PEF)
  • MacOS X PPC - (Mach-O)
  • MacOS X Universal Binary (Mach-O)
  • Win32 - Windows
  • Linux x86