DataGrid REALbasic Plugin

DataGridRow Class

DataGridRow class to manipulate Grid data. The DataGrid will send a reference to a DataGridRow when it needs data for the specified row.


class DataGridRow


DataGridRowThis is the constructor used to make a DataGridRow.


CellCountReturns the number of actual cells in the row.
ItemDataThis property is used to hook an custom Variant value to an individual row.


CellUsed to access the cell's data in read mode.
CellColSpanAllows to make a cell span over several cells in the same row.
CellTextThis property is used to access text of the desired cell.
IsEmptyThis function returns True if the cell is a virtual cell and when it will be drawn, it will be drawn as a DefaultCell.
MakeCellExtendedAllows to extend a cell and it returns a pointer to the corresponding cell.
RecreateUse this method to create a new internal row object without creating external REALbasic object.
RecreateCellUse this method to recreate a cell with different cell type.
WritableCellThis function is used to access data of a cell in read and write mode.

Supported Platforms:

  • PPC - MacOS 9
  • Carbon - MacOS 9 and MacOS X (PEF)
  • MacOS X PPC - (Mach-O)
  • MacOS X Universal Binary (Mach-O)
  • Win32 - Windows
  • Linux x86