DataGrid REALbasic Plugin

DataGridRow.Cell Method

Used to access the cell's data in read mode.

   x as integer) as DataGridCell


The column number of the cell.


Returns the requested cell or the Grid's default cell if the requested cell did not exist.


Cell's number are one based, that is the first cell is cell(1).

As StyleGrid uses Einhugur's Floating Engine as data container, the Cell property is not guaranty to return a true cell.
That is if the desired cell is a virtual cell, then the Cell property will return the DefaultCell value of the DataGrid.

Virtual cells are cells which do not exist in memory and the gaps in-between are filled as default cells.

In most cases, the Cell property should only be used to read data from a cell.
Use the WritableCell property to write into a cell.
The WritableCell property creates a new cell in memory if it does not exist already.

The property is read only, but data can be written in the returned class.

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