Version History


  • Fixed appearance issues on macOS systems.
  • Improved HIDPI switching on Windows systems.


  • Fixed problems with the APIv2 version on Linux systems.


  • Fixed issue on Windows IDE for latest Xojo versions mode when screen was in HIDPI setting.
  • Added support for the soon to come Plugins Pro application from Tim Parnell.
  • 8.1.2:

  • Fixed color scheme issue on macOS systems.


  • Added HasBorder property.
  • Added MacHideBackground property.


  • Adapted to API changes in Xojo 2019r2.1.
  • Fixed issue with fonts.


  • Added special version of the control for Xojo 2019r2 and later API 2.0 which deals with new style DateTime instead of Date structure.
  • Fixed problem where sometimes the empty date checkbox was clickable when the control was disabled.
  • Added Version constant to the control to support Xojo conditional compile macros.


  • Fixed issue in macOS non drop down mode where it was possible to force invalid date.
  • ChangedValue event is no longer fired in macOS mode when in non drop down mode if it is detected that nothing actually changed due to constraints.


  • Fixed macOS problem with the drop down control where the the control was getting unwanted vibrancy effect in dark mode.
  • Fixed macOS problem where the control frame was technically upside down but it was hard to spot it.


  • Added support for macOS Mojave dark themes.
  • Improved Min date handling on macOS systems.
  • Separators are no longer drawn on macOS and Linux systems when Empty date is selected.
  • Improved when on Xojo 2016 or later generation of disabled image when custom drop down image is used.
  • Phased out old HITheme Carbon API making the control have zero Carbon footprint.
  • Removed support for old style Carbon compile, and minimum MacOS version is now 10.9.
  • Fixed Linker error on Linux GTK3 systems.


  • Fixed crash issue with container controls on Windows systems.


  • Updated the drawing API for next generation of Xojo.


  • Fixed rare crash that could happen on 64 bit applications on Mac and Linux systems when using complex setups of dialogs.


  • Fixed the Checkbox for empty dates for the new Gtk3.
  • Improved Checkbox disabled state for legacy Gtk2.


  • Added Hi-DPI support on Linux systems.
  • Added GTK3 support on Linux systems.


  • Fixed issue on Windows systems with container controls.


  • Added Windows Hi-DPI IDE design mode support.
  • Did adjustment on macOS and Linux systems so that the ValueChanged event will not fire twice in some situations like when dropping down the drop down window and selecting a date when the Date had previously been unchecked with empty dates on. (On Windows systems this behaviour is controlled by the OS)


  • Fixed crash issue that was born in 6.5 that could happen if the DateValue getter was called from the ValueChanged event where control lived on Sheet window or other such similar non regular placements. (Issue: 0000021)
  • Added DropDownIconRetina property to support users that are not ready to use Xojo's image set mechanism just yet to get retina support. (Issue: 0000022)


  • Fixed crash issue that was born in 6.5 that could happen if the DateValue getter was called from the ValueChanged event.


  • Added MaxDateValue property.
  • Added MinDateValue property.
  • Added DropDownIcon property.
  • Greatly improved drawing on all Linux systems including Raspberry PI.


  • * Fixed so it now better handles if there is no date separator on macOS systems.
  • * Adjusted so it now fallbacks to just some format that works if users got short date formats that make no sense on their system, such as short date format that only shows Era.


  • Fixed crash issue on macOS 64 bit compile.
  • Did Windows changes for Xojo 2016r4 compatibility.
  • Fixed crash issue with the new Linux drop down mode. (6.2.5 that never came out officially)
  • Fixed issue with container controls in Linux drop down mode. (6.2.5 that never came out officially)

    6.2.5 (This version was not officially published):

  • Fixed crash issue with the new Linux drop down mode.
  • Fixed issue with container controls in Linux drop down mode.


  • Added optional drop down calendar mode for the control on Linux 32bit, 64bit and ARM.
  • Added LinuxDropDownMode property.
  • Added better representation for the disabled state when the control is in drop down mode on OS X and Linux systems.
  • Fixed drawing glitch with the Empty dates checkbox on Raspberry PI systems.
  • Empty date checkbox is now drawn in correct place when in OS X IDE design mode.
  • The background of the main part of the control is now white on Linux Mint systems.
  • OSXDropDownMode and LinuxDropDownMode properties are now default set to true instead of defaulting to false.


  • Added support for HiDPI on Windows systems.
  • Boundaries of the control in IDE design mode now better reflect the actual size of the control as it will look like when you run it on Windows systems.
  • Fixed issue so that the drop down feature of the control not run on some older MacOS X systems. Minimum requirement should be 10.7. (previous fix in 6.0.3 was where it would not run at all on those old systems)
  • Fixed critical memory issue in the KeyDown event on MacOS X and Linux systems.


  • Fixed issue so that the Control would not run on some older MacOS X systems. Minimum requirement should be 10.7.


  • Fixed a crashing issue with the new Popup calendar on MacOS X when a hosting dialog owning the calendar was closed while the calendar was popped up.
  • Fixed a timezone issue where the new Popup calendar on MacOS X did not always stay in sync with the main part of the DateControl.
  • Fixed issue on Windows where the checked value did not always take effect if there was no subscriber for the ValueChanged event.


  • Added optional drop down calendar mode for the control on MacOS X cocoa.
  • Added OSXDropDownMode property.
  • Added a CustomizeLocalization event.
  • Fixed strange Beep sound issue when using separator keys on MacOS X and Linux systems.


  • Changed the DateControl on MacOS X and Linux systems so that it now allows changing between date fields with comma key, dot key and slash key instead of just locale defined separator key. After the change then this is on par with what OS X does.


  • Slowed the initial spin right after click on the up/down arrows, on Mac and Linux systems.
  • Changed compiler on Linux 32 bit to Clang.
  • Changed compiler on Linux 64 bit to Clang.
  • Changed the compiler on Linux ARM 32 bit to Clang.


  • Added 64 bit compile support for Mac target.
  • Added 64 bit compile support for Windows target.
  • Added 64 bit compile support for Linux target.
  • Added ARM compile support for Linux target.
  • Redesigned the look and feel on Linux systems.
  • Resolved issue: 0000002: Difficult to enter 4 letter year on MacOS X and Linux platforms
  • Resolved issue: 0000013: Force 4 letter year giving incorrect automatic settings on Windows (note though that automatic 4 letter forced setting can never give like 4 aug 2015, it would give 4 - 8 - 2015.


  • Further improved input handling on Mac and Linux systems making it nicer.


  • Changed input handling on Mac and Linux systems, making it a bit nicer when zero and then other number is entered.
  • Changed the compile architecture and cleaned out obsolete API's for no longer supported Windows versions such as Win95 and 98 on Windows systems


  • Fixed a issue on Windows with incorrect date separators.


  • Now also ships with a Xojo plugin. The Xojo plugin comes in the new Xojo format and is compiled with newer SDK, and includes Cocoa design time mode.


  • Changed Linking so that the DateControl could work with modern Linux distros like Ubuntu 12.04 for example when used with Real Studio 2012 or later.


  • Added Real Studio 2012 support (r1.1 or later needed).


  • User can now travel between fields in the control by pressing same key as is set as date separator in the control at any given time.


  • Fixed a issue where the 4.1 change would make DateControl crash on REALbasic older than 2010r4


  • Changed entry point loading to support REALbasic 2010r5 and later.


  • Fixed on MacOS X and Linux systems issue where directly clicking on a field would not work unless the control had the focus.


  • Fixed some issues on Cocoa builds.


  • Added Cocoa compile support (REALbasic 2010r3.1 or later needed for using Cocoa)


  • Made adjustments so that font sizes work correctly with REALbasic 2009r4.
  • MacFontSize, WinFontSize and LinuxFontSize properties now have the type Single instead of Integer.
  • Added a WinTextUnit property.
  • Added a LinuxTextUnit property.
  • Windows fonts can now be nailed down to normal size pixels.


  • Made fonts look correct on Windows Vista systems.
  • Using FontName = System and FontSize = 0 on Windows systems now calls for default system font for the given system.


  • Added a "Automatic force 4 letter year" setting to the Date format options.
  • Fixed a problem with PowerPC build on REALbasic 2008r5.
  • Plugin is now linked against and dependent on libstdc++6 instead of libstdc++5 on Linux systems.


  • Fixed a Mach-O compile corruption that prevented REALbasic 2006r3 and older from working with this plugin when compiling for Mach-O targets.


  • Fixed composite window issues.


  • Improved support for DateFormats with two letter year.
  • Improved composite Window support.


  • Added support for MacOS X Universal Build.
  • Added support for 2 letter year formats.
  • Added support for day format with a leading zero.
  • Added support for month format with a leading zero.
  • Added support for date format that has both days and months with leading zeros.


  • Fixed focus issues on Windows systems.


  • Fixed a problem on Windows systems when running on REALbasic 2005 and 2006 where the arrow keys did not work as expected.


  • Made the Automatic date format more flexible so that it accounts for system settings where the year is the first part of the date.


  • Added a "SQL format" as a option for the DateFormat property.


  • Fixed a problem on Windows systems where reading the Checked property did not always return correct value.


  • Added support for NULL dates. (No selection)
  • Added a EmptyDates property.
  • Added a Checked property.
  • The DateValue property can now be set to nil if the control is configured to support empty dates.


  • Fixed a problem on MacOS and Linux systems where automatic dateformat was not working properly.
  • Did adjustment to support next upcoming version of REALbasic.


  • Added Linux compile support.
  • Added support for the REALbasic Linux IDE.
  • Added a LinuxTextFont property.
  • Added a LinuxTextSize property.
  • Added a LinuxFontBold property.
  • The control no longer uses the old and very little supported Apple DatePicker which has caused a number of problems and limitations in the past.
  • Added a DateFormat property which has a setting for Automatic, mm.dd.yyyy and modes.
  • The control now draws it self perfectly when in the REALbasic 2005 design mode. (This was not possible with the Apple control).
  • Dates on MacOS are no longer limited from the year 1904 to the year 2039.
  • Fixed a problem with focus on Floating Windows on MacOS systems.
  • 2.5.4:

  • Fixed a problem on MacOS X where actual value of the control did not get updated when holding down arrow keys.


  • Added REALbasic 2005 support.


  • The Mach-O targets were re-linked without flat namespace to enable multiple Mach-O plugins to run in the same project.
  • The plugin now comes with high quality HTML documentation instead of RB Plugin Plunger documentation.


  • Added support for REALbasic 5.5.
  • Added support for Composite Windows.
  • Added Mach-O compile support. (A REALbasic 5.5.2 and later feature)
  • Added a DateValue as Date property.
  • REALbasic versions older than 5.5 are not supported any more, use DateControl 1.5.2 to support older REALbasic versions.


  • Fixed the Controls events so they will also work on the REALbasic 5.5 alphas.
  • Put the Enabled property back in which apparently got lost in version 5.0.
  • Redid all the TabPanel focus logic once again because of reports that the 1.5 was still not solving the problem.


  • Adjusted the control to work on Panther.
  • Discovered a huge embedding flaw in REALbasic and did counter measures to avoid them, this will solve a lot of long-standing issues when a DateControl is placed on top of a TabPanel control.
  • The Control now also comes with a plugin for the REALbasic Windows IDE.


  • Made changes in the Win32 code to support the new Unicode based Window system in REALbasic 5.0 compiled Win32 apps.
  • Fixed a problem where the copy protection could cause unwanted nag on the new REALbasic 5.0.
  • Added better support for PagePanels and TabPanels on REALbasic 5.x.
  • Added a GotFocus event.
  • Added a LostFocus event.


  • Fixed a incorrect redraw issue when the Control lives on a TabPanel.
  • Added a MacMouseDown event.


  • Added a TextFont property.
  • Added a TextSize property.
  • Added a FontBold property.


  • Background Theme stripes are now aligned correctly when the control lives on a TabControl on MacOS X.
  • Background color is now correct when the control lives on a TabControl on MacOS Classic.


  • Usage of arrow keys within the control is now correctly supported on Win32.
  • The Win32 size of the plugin that goes into built application is now 17% smaller than it was in earlier versions.
  • The control now comes with both RB Plugin Plunger documentation and HTML documentation.


  • Fixed a problem with focus when tabbing onto the control.
  • Added support for shift-tab to do correct reverse focus.


  • This is the first version.