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Base64Stream.Constructor Constructor

The default constructor for the Base64Stream class that optionally takes urlMode Boolean parameter.

   extraChar as Integer,
   extraCharInterval as Integer,
   urlMode as Boolean)


The extra char to add when encoding or remove when decoding.
This parameter determines how often to add the extra char. This parameter only affects encoding because when decoding this will automatically be determined depending on the data that you are decoding. If this parameter is set to a value less than 10 then it will be set to the default value (76).
If set to true then Base64 will be in URL mode.


The default constructor sets xtraChar is set to 13 (CR) and extraCharInterval to 76.

Base64URL is a modification of the main Base64 standard, the purpose of which is the ability to use the encoding result as filename or URL address. The Base64URL is described in RFC 4648.

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