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UUCoderStream.Constructor Constructor

One of 3 constructors for the UUCoderStream class.

   f as FolderItem,
   source as FolderItem,
   writer as IStreamWriter)


When encoding then this should be a FolderItem pointing to the file that the UUCoderStream should create. (This file may not already exist).

When decoding then this should be a FolderItem pointing to the file that needs to be decoded.
This parameter is only in the 3rd constructor which is only intended for encoding. By sending the source file to the encoder then the encoder can read unix permissions from the file system to attempt to preserve them in the UU encoded file. On MacOS Classic and Windows systems where there are no unix permissions then the preserved permissions flags are set to 644.

When decoding then just pass an empty string.
This parameter is used if you want to handle all filehandling yourself or not stream from a file at all.

You can put any IStreamReader class instance here, and then the file will be read from there.

If this parameter is used then the f FolderItem parameter will be ignored (the f may be nil then).

If you do not want custom file handling then pass nil to this parameter.


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