e-CryptIt Engine Xojo Plugin - Encodings Xojo Plugin

YEncEncoder.BeginMultiPart Method

To start the process of encoding a file into multi part yEnc files or streams then use the BeginMultiPart function.

   source as FolderItem,
   partSize as Integer) as Boolean


The file to encode into multipart yEnc files.
The desired size of each part.




Returns True if it was successful, false if not. Use the LastError property to determine which error occured.

After using this function then the normal thing to do would be to use the EncodePartToFile or EncodePartToStream functions. (See the example project that comes with the plugin)

Always create a new instance of the YEncEncoder class for each file to encode.

Possible errors that this function can generate:

  • 0 No Error.
  • -1001 Source file was nil.
  • -1002 Could not open source file.
  • -10100 Unknown internal error.

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