e-CryptIt Engine Xojo Plugin - Encodings Xojo Plugin

YEncEncoder.EncodePartToFile Method

To create a multi part yEnc file use the EncodePartToFile function.

   destination as FolderItem) as Boolean


The location and the name of the destination file.




Returns True if it was successful, false if not. Use the LastError property to determine which error occured.

This function should only be used after a call to the BeginMultiPart function. (See the example project that comes with the plugin).

Always create a new instance of the YEncEncoder class for each file to encode.

Possible errors that this function can generate:

  • 0 No Error.
  • -1003 Destination file was nil.
  • -1007 Destination file allready exists.
  • -1602 Could not open or create the destination file.
  • -10100 Unknown internal error.

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