ExcelReader Xojo Component




  • macOS Intel 32 bit and 64 bit

  • macOS Apple Silicon

  • Windows 32 bit and 64 bit

  • Windows ARM 64 bit

  • Linux 32 bit and 64 bit

  • Linux ARM 32 bit
  • Requirements:

  • Einhugur TypeLib 12.0.1 or later

  • Einhugur e-CryptIt Engine 15.5 or later
  • Dependencies:

  • Einhugur TypeLib 12.0.1 or later

  • Einhugur e-CryptIt Engine 15.5 or later
  • Summary:

    ExcelReader component is a Xojo component that enables you to read Excel xlsx files from Xojo code.

    This first version focuses mostly on simple data reading and simple cases, but can read minor amount of formatting such as borders, colors, cell joins and font settings.


    You need to install the Einhugur TypeLib Plugin and e-CryptIt Engine Compression plugins


    This product is a commercial software, only registered users are allowed to develop with it.

    Einhugur Software will disable all serial numbers found on Internet and all serial numbers of decoded plugins that have illegally been posted on Internet.

    Einhugur Software and the author, are in no way responsible for the bugs that might be found in this product. However, Einhugur Software will do its best to fix the bugs.

    Officially we only support versions noted above and up to current official (not alpha or beta versions) version of Xojo at the date of when this plugin is published. We cannot predict what changes might come in future versions of Xojo.

    Einhugur Software or the author of this plugin cannot be hold liable in any way for uses of this software.