ExcelReader Xojo Component

ExcelReader.Worksheet Class

Object that represents Excel worksheet.


class ExcelReader.Worksheet


CellMergeInfoRecordCountReturns count of CellMergeInfo records
DefaultRowHeightReturns the default row height in the worksheet.
NameReturns name of the worksheet.
PopulatedRowCountReturns number of populated rows
TabColorReturns color of the tab for the sheet.


CellReturns cell at given column and row index regardless if the cell is populated with data or not.
shared CellAddressToIndexesConverts Excel style cell address like A2 to indexes like column = 0, row = 1
CellMergeInfoRecordReturns CellMergeInfo record at given index. (zero based)
CellValueReturns the Cell.Value for cell at column and row index.
PopulatedRowReturns populated row at given index.

Supported Platforms:

  • MacOS X Carbon
  • MacOS X Cocoa 32 bit
  • MacOS X Cocoa 64 bit
  • Windows 32 bit
  • Windows 64 bit
  • Linux 32 bit
  • Linux 64 bit
  • Linux ARM