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LongBinaryStream Detailed Information

The LongBinaryStream is a
A REALbasic plugin to manipulate huge files, the LongBinaryStream object can handle files larger than 2 GB. The LongBinaryStream also implements the IStreamReader and IStreamWriter Interfaces which makes it good to use as a streaming source for other plugins (for large files as well as smalle files).

     Main Features:

  • Can handle files > 2 GB.
  • Is MacOS Classic, MacOS X, Win32 and Linux compatible.
  • Is as easy to use as REALbasic's built in BinaryStream.
  • Will automatically switch to < 2 GB API on old systems that do not support > 2 GB files.
  • Supports long file names on OS 9 and OS X.
  • Supports Unicode file names on Windows and MacOS X.
  • Implements the IStreamReader and IStreamWriter Interfaces.
  • Is compatible with REALbasic MacOS IDE 4.5 or later, and REALbasic Win32 IDE* 5.2 or later.

  • The LongBinaryStream plugin comes fully documented in 3 ways:
    1. HTML Documentation
    2. On-Line Documentation
    3. We document our plugins with RB Plugin Plunger, which means that the documentation is built into the plugin. To read the documentation users need to download RB Plugin Plunger which is a free utility which was created by some Plugin authors to provide a standardized documentation for plugins.
  • The plugin comes with a sample project which demonstrates how to use the stream object.
   Under the hood:
  • LongBinaryStream is written in C, its native code for each target platform, no platform emulation is done.