PDF Plugin for Xojo

EinhugurPDFWriter.PDFDocument Class

A class that represents a PDF document.


class EinhugurPDFWriter.PDFDocument


PDFDocumentDefault constructor with no parameters.
PDFDocumentConstructor that takes ZipEngineHandle as parameter to enable compression in the PDF document.


Author (console safe) Sets or gets the Author meta tag.
Creator (console safe) Sets or gets the Creator meta tag.
KeyWords (console safe) Sets or gets the KeyWords meta tag.
LastErrorDetailNumber (console safe) Returns detail number if there is any for the last error number that occurred, or zero if no error or no detail number.
LastErrorNumber (console safe) Returns the last error number that occurred, or zero if no error.
Mode (console safe) Sets the mode that the document should be opened in. The value of this can be any of the values that are defined in the PDFDocument.DocumentModeEnum
Subject (console safe) Sets or gets the Subject meta tag.
Title (console safe) Sets or gets the Title meta tag.


AddPage (console safe) Adds a page to the PDF document and returns the new Page object.
ClearError (console safe) Clears the values in the LastErrorNumber and LastErrorDetailNumber properties.
CreateExtendedGraphicsState (console safe) Creates a ExtendedGraphicsState object.
CreateOutline (console safe) Creates a Outline object for the PDF outline tree.
GetFont (console safe) GetsFont built in non unicode front by name.
LoadImage (console safe) Loads a image from RawBitMap into the PDF document.
LoadJPEGImage (console safe) Loads a JPEG image into the PDF document from a string buffer. The image will be stored as native JPG in the PDF document, making the compression of it very good.
LoadTrueTypeFont (console safe) Loads a TrueType font from file.
LoadType1Font (console safe) Loads Type1 Postscript font from files.
Save (console safe) Saves the generated PDF to a file.
SaveToMemoryBlock (console safe) Saves the generated PDF to a MemoryBlock.
SaveToString (console safe) Saves the generated PDF to a string.
SetEncryptionMode (console safe) Sets the encryption mode.
SetPassword (console safe) Sets a password for the document. If the password is set, document contents are encrypted.


ErrorLogA event that gives you chance to get live feed of error events from the PDFDocument.
ResolveFontThis event is called if you have font encoding set to automatic and the internal handler does not think it has good font in the stock-fonts to handle the given text.


DocumentModeEnumEnum that represents startup modes. Your PDFDocument can request in what mode it should be opened. But some PDF viewers will ignore it.
LanguageScriptEnum that represents language scripts. Language scripts are used for automatic detection of language script system.s
EncryptModeEnumEnum that represents encryption modes. This enum is used with the SetEncryptionMode method.

Supported Platforms:

  • MacOS X Cocoa 32 bit
  • MacOS X Cocoa 64 bit
  • Windows 32 bit
  • Windows 64 bit
  • Linux 32 bit
  • Linux 64 bit
  • Linux ARM