Version History


  • Fixed Introspection problem with newest Xojo versions.
  • Added Xojo APIv2 Classes.
  • Added Xojo APIv2 Examples.
  • Added JSONSerializerII class to support the Einhugur JSON Plugin II.

    1.3 (Was not officially released):

  • Added SerializeArrayElementName attribute support to the JSONSerializer class.
  • Added SerializeArrayElementName attribute support to the XMLSerializer class.
  • Added new example project called “Custom array element class factory Example” for the XMLSerializer class.


  • Added another variation of DeSerialize on JSONSerializer class that takes defaultEncoding parameter.
  • Removed some unused variables that were making code analyse in Xojo report on it. (Bug ID: 0000004)


  • Added JSONSerializer class.
  • Added support for serializing Color primitives and Color arrays.
  • Added support for serializing enum values and enum value arrays.
  • Deserializing nil objects is now handled correctly.
  • Added better explanations to the AddKnownClass to the documentation.


  • This is the first version