WebDateControl Xojo Web control

WebDateControl Class

A date picker control for Xojo web projects.

You need to drag into your project the following files to use the WebDateControl:

Do not rename datepickerstyle.css or DatePickerBoxStyle.xojo_binary_code, their names must be datepickerstyle and DatePickerBoxStyle once their inside the Xojo solution.


class WebDateControl


AutoCloseIf set to true the control will auto close the popup when date has been selected.
DateValueUse this property to set or get the date of the control.
HasClearButtonIf set to true then control has Clear button.
HasTodayButtonIf set to true then the control will have Today button.
LocaleSets the locale (default is en).
MaxDateValueSets or gets the maximum date allowed to be entered in the DateControl.
MinDateValueSets or gets the minimum date allowed to be entered in the DateControl.
TodayButtonDoesSelectionWhen set to true the Today button will also select the date and close the Datepicker instead of just moving to the month and color marking the day today.


AddCustomLocalizationAdds custom localization data or language.
ClearClears the selected date
shared HTMLHeader
ShowPopupManually shows the controls popup from code.


SetupCustomLocalizationThis event is fired when you can add custom localizations.
SetupDatePickerBoxStyleThis even is fired to give you chance to supply your own style sheet for the Picker box (The control that is on the screen before you click to go in drop down mode)
ShownThe browser has finished loading or reloading the control.
ValueChangedThis event is fired when a portion or all of the date changes in the control.


Version = 1.2