WindowSplitter Xojo Plugin

RectControl.ConstructContextualMenu Event

This event is called when it is appropriate to display a contextual menu for the control.

   base as MenuItem,
   x as Integer,
   xy as Integer) as Boolean


Base is analogous to the menu bar for the contextual menu. Any items you add to Base will be shown as menu items.
The x coordinate of the mouse.
The y coordinate of the mouse.


If you return False, the event is passed up the parent hierarchy. If you return True, the contextual menu is displayed.


This event handler is the recommended way to handle contextual menus because this event figures out whether the user has requested the contextual menu, regardless of how they did it. Depending on platform, it might be in the MouseUp or MouseDown event and it might be a right+click or by pressing the contextual menu key on the keyboard, for example.

This event is part of Xojo base class.