Another marathon coding weekend

Shortly after Xojo Inc will release their 2016r1 version then we will be pushing out DateControl 6.1 which has a number of fixes and tweaks some of which help users using the new drop down calendar mode on broader range of OS X versions. We have had this version in open beta stage for a while so its pretty solid version.

But I got in another marathon coding weekend, when alone in deep snow at remote location. In this session some really nice things got done on the DateControl, so we have 6.2 lined up as well which might come out only days after 6.1 comes out.

Basically the project was to make similar drop down mode for Linux as we did for the Mac. Problem with that is that Xojo uses GTK 2, and proper Popover support did not come until GTK 3. So to make this nice and smooth a lot of coding and tricks had to be pulled out. And after completing it where I thought I had found perfection on Ubuntu then when testing it on Raspberry PI basically nothing worked due to mostly far simpler UI theme that Raspberry PI uses. So I went again and redid the whole thing and at 5 am in the night it was nice running same code base on Ubuntu and Raspberry PI:

Running on Ubuntu after the later tweak.
Running on Ubuntu after the later tweak.
Running on Raspberry PI after the later tweak.
Running on Raspberry PI after the later tweak.

One part of the big problem of going to Raspberry in the first try was that the simple theme on Raspberry PI then borderless popup windows have no shadow like they have on Ubuntu, so there was no difference on the dropped down window vs the parent window, it just blended in and it was impossible to see it was drop down unless it went bellow edge of the window.  Then in the 2nd try I came up with rendering the border manually around the drop down window using the Theme colors .

6.2 will have other improvements as well such as better disabled state for new OS X drop down modes as well as of course for the new Linux drop down mode. Improved drawing of the checkbox when used on Raspberry PI and other tweaks.

Updates to last post:

  • The PDF Plugin got successfully completed and has been published.
  • The situation with the snow is getting a lot better.

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