Comming soon……

We don’t usually post what is about to come but recently when releasing the QRCode Generator then we got many questions on if we would also supply BarCode generator.

I can now confirm that BarCode generator is coming.

Prototype of the Barcode Generator running:


It is at this moment unclear which standards we will release in first version. But Code128 and Code93 I can confirm already working.

BarCodes can be generated to Picture object or to SVG vector file.

Now as easter egg….. since the prototype has been done in pure Xojo then we did a fork of the prototype and a iOS module was born.


So this will be first time we supply any kind of Xojo code for iOS also.

The desktop version will most likely be in Plugin (added to our existing BarCode Plugin while the iOS version will come as Xojo module)

Q: Does this mean that everything or most things from us will come for iOS.

A: No I’m afraid not. Most is done in complex C code and will never come for iOS while Xojo does not support some sort of Plugin mechanism for iOS compiles.

Update 11. Aug:

EAN8 and EAN13 been added to confirmed ones that we will support.

EAN13 Barcode generated with Einhugur Barcode module
EAN13 Barcode generated with Einhugur Barcode module

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