Buying software vs renting software.

I my self somehow don’t like the idea of renting software. I think part of the reason is that if I do rent then I would feel I would have to use it all the time to justify the rent. While if I purchase then I just go for it and feel good that I have it and I don’t worry about how often I use it. This is of course mostly mentality issue since in some cases renting can be more economic for people.

Having looked around then I am not alone, people are enraging all of the the web about Adobe’s model to only rent out most of their software now. When looking around I found that how people feel about it has empowered companies to actually invest and try to make real alternatives. Which is of course good. So policies to only rent their software seems to create new competitors on the market that will fill the gap in the market as well as push the consumer to look for those new competitors.

I know I did this my self and ended up very happy when I found Affinity Photo and bought their software, which is in my opinion very viable competitor to Photoshop.


My feeling that going exclusive for software renting is huge marketing risk. What do others think ?

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