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I have not posted anything here for a while but thought it would be good to talk about Gtk3 in Xojo 2017r2.

Xojo 2017r2 is out and it now uses Gtk3 on Linux instead of Gtk2.

This means that any plugin that uses Gtk2 in any way will not work on Xojo 2017r2 when compiling for Linux.

In terms of Einhugur Plugins then this means all control plugins, all plugins that deal with Pictures and possibly others.

In the coming weeks and months we will be pushing out updates to get Gtk3 on board then probably we will have 2 lines, Gtk2 and Gtk3 so that we can also support older versions than 2017r2.
One of the challenges with Gtk3 is that not all things work the same like for example Gtk3 theme for Ubuntu draws nothing at all for a WindowSplitter, while Gtk2 theme running on exactly same Ubuntu will draw some glyph for the splitter.

We will be pushing out few updates non Gtk3 related updates before we start pushing out Gtk3 compatible plugins, like for example minor update for the ExcelWriter plugin which was officially released at the Xojo Conference in Berlin. (That plugin has been very well seen by our users). Column alignment will come in the TreeView control before we start pushing out Gtk3 updates and there will be other minor releases of some plugins.

Update with progress so far (Dec 2017):

  • TypeLib (8.1) updated to support Gtk3
  • TypeLibF (2.2) tested to work with Gtk3 no changes needed. (2.2)
  • PictureEffectsRaw (2.5) tested to work with Gtk3 no changes needed but needs TypeLib 8.1 or 8.2 with GTK 3 support.
  • ExcelWriter Plugin (1.2) tested to work with Gtk3 no changes needed but needs TypeLib 8.1 or 8.2 with GTK 3 support.
  • e-CryptIt Engine (13.1.4) partially tested to work with Gtk3 no changes needed but needs TypeLib 8.1 or 8.2 with GTK 3 support. (other parts of the plugin are expected to work unchanged as well)
  • WindowSplitter (9.0) updated to support Gtk3
  • CalendarControl (7.0) updated to support Gtk3
  • PDF Plugin (1.3.2) tested to work with Gtk3 no changes needed but needs TypeLib 8.1 or 8.2 with GTK 3 support.
  • DateControl (7.0) updated to support Gtk3.
  • TimeControl (6.5) updated to support Gtk3.
  • PictureButton (4.0) updated to support Gtk3.

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  1. Hello,

    I just updated to the latest version of the WindowSplitter and CalendarControl controls and noticed that on Windows, in Xojo 2017r3, it appears the WindowSplitter is not loading properly. How should I put in a support request?


  2. I will have it tested. From the Beta program of 2017r3 then we had no issues reported of such. Only issue reported was with the TreeView. Are you sure their correctly installed and decrypted ?


  3. I have tested the WindowSplitter so far and am not able to reproduce a issue. Check if you have excessive amount of plugins installed, Windows has limit on how many DLL’s it can load limiting plugins on Windows. And WindowSplitter is usually last in the alphabet so loads last and if you are hit with the max plugin issue then WindowSplitter will be first to go. Because of this limitation on Windows platforms then users often try to make copies of Xojo and limit what plugins are installed choosing them for each project. To test this then just install WindowSplitter and nothing else then try running.

  4. It appears you were right Björn. I’m not sure why this is a problem with r3 and not with older versions that we’ve tried but that at least addressed the immediate problem. Thanks!

  5. Amount of DLL’s that you can load has been going down gradually with every version of Xojo because of more DLL’s that they load for their IDE. R3 is move to 64 bit architecture and there the memory used by the entry in the DLL’s doubles which cuts this even more on the limit you have. (This is windows limitation only, limitation by the OS but Xojo could solve this as has been suggested on the Lists for some years if they would just open the plugins and scan what they have and close them again)

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