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Next set to boards to test and develop Xojo ARM plugins arrive

Banana PI M2 and Orange PI 2

Next set of boards to develop and test arrived, this time it was Banana PI M2 and Orange PI 2.

I had seen reviews on the web on the hardware, that soldering on the Orange PI was crude, but I found both boards to be flawless in every way as far as manufacturing goes.

At first look then both of the boards solve what annoys me the most on the Raspberry PI, the power connector. On the Raspberry PI the power connector tends to be sensitive to movement when fiddling with the board so it tends to reboot. Thats not the case with the Banana PI and Orange PI where the connector is not sensitive at all, its a different kind than Raspberry uses.

Both Banana PI and Orange PI have huge issues with detecting the display, going through DVI adapter is very bad for example. Resolution is hard coded and you cannot change it without going through a lot of trouble changing the boot, which I have not figured out how to do. Default resolution is 1280 x 720 which many displays have problem displaying.

(I imagine on some displays it will manage to Auto detect 1920 x 1080 but I have not had that luck, from reading on the web then most seem to disable display auto detection and manually enter their display sync parameters, but I have not able to figure out how so far.)

Now if you get the display to work then both machines are really great. I only got it at the 1280 x 720 which is all right for me for now since I work on them remotely through SSH anyhow.

I got the built in wireless to work on both of them without too much pain.

The Banana PI’s Raspian installation is not much changed from the Raspberry PI version of it, everything in sudo raspi-config seems to work fine and it even has some new options there.

Orange PI seems to have forked a bit further away, there is not as much in their sudo raspi-config tool. But the OS comes very rich of features.

And at last a simple benchmark where the test case was to build the Einhugur GraphicsFormats plugin for ARM. (ALL machines used same type of Class 10 memory card, and building was done over SSH on all of them)

  • Raspberry PI 2 finished in 10 min and 45 seconds
  • Banana PI M2 finished in 6 min and 28 seconds
  • Orange PI 2 finished in 6 min and 15 seconds

Note the Orange PI did not produce 100% binary compatible result, I am guessing that it has different version of some library, it should not affect the speed test even if it will affect the usability for me.

Banana PI and Raspberry PI produced 100% same result.

This is of course just one type of benchmark and perhaps does not reflect well the higher clocked CPU in the Orange PI as much of compiling is just disk IO.

Hopefully we can soon attempt multi core image processing test with the PictureEffects plugin.

First Raspberry PI 2 boards arrive


First Raspberry PI 2 boards arrive.

As Xojo Inc has published then Xojo 2015r3 will be supporting Raspberry PI ARM compiles. So of course we are gearing up to support plugins for the Raspberry PI compiles.

The first shipment arrived, which contained two regular Raspberry PI 2 boards. I had in the past old generation one which had been bought from Icelandic supplier, but it crashed all the time due to weak power supply, that supplier still has weak power supplies, so I went different route this time and ordered them from China, getting 2,5 A power supply instead of 1 A.

Machines will now be set up and then we can expect some of the plugins to get ported to Raspberry PI.

I am still waiting for some Banana PI boards and one Orange PI board to have complete test line.

(Cost for two boards + 2 cases, 3 memory cards, 2 power supplies, 2 wireless adapters, cooling plates, and 2x relays, shipping and import taxes was roughly same as one system in Iceland, but then again prices in Iceland are known to be insane. It took 16 days to get them here)

64 bit plugins are coming

64redAs Xojo Inc has published then Xojo 2015r3 will be supporting 64 bit compiles. Einhugur 64 bit plugins are coming as well.

We have been very active on the alpha and beta lists for the past weeks getting out tests, and working on updates. It is clear we will have a lot of 64 bit plugins ready on the day Xojo 2015r3 is released.

(During the 64 bit transition when I needed break from the 64 bit port, a hour here and a hour there,  then I have been working on new plugin that I am very exited to show to the users……so I would not be surprised if a new plugin will pop up in middle of the 64 bit transition……..more on this soon)