How to get access to plugins and addons that are for registered users and how to join the growing community of thousands of satisfied users.

Kagi is a respected payment processing company which handles Registrations for us, they can take many kinds of cards, cheques, and cash.

Registration is only $199 per programmer, and includes access to all addons that we make for Xojo, and one year of free upgrades.
And of course it will also give you free access to all new components that we make for Xojo during the free upgrade period.

One year renewal for existing users is currently $45 per programmer.

The following Plugins can be bought individually if you do not want the whole Plugin Pack:

  • e-CryptIt Engine
  • TreeView (includes the CoreClasses plugin)

Go to a secure Kagi registration website

Notes: All of the new plugins are Carbon and OS X compatible, and most have x86 and Linux compatibility. The plugins that support Linux and Windows can also be used with the Xojo Windows and Linux IDE's.

Einhugur does not offer any refund of purchases. We supply fully functional free demo version of every plugin. Be sure to try them out before purchasing.

When you get your serial number then dont forget to:

Download Registrator to decrypt the encrypted files.