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CustomGrid Detailed Information

CustomGrid is a Spreadsheet plugin control for REALbasic that alows for custom rendering of cells by using MacOS QuickDraw. The CustomGrid is based on the Einhugur Grid and therefore mostly has the same feature set as the Grid except for the Custom Rendering.

     Main Features:

  • Supported platforms:
    • MacOS Classic PPC
    • MacOS Classic Carbon
    • MacOS X
  • REALbasic's supported:
    • REALbasic 2.1 minimum.
  • Other dependencies:
    • Einhugur TypeLib plugin.
    • Einhugur QuickDrawLib to do the rendering, or use of API declares.
    • Other plugins depending on complexity and usage of the custom rendering.

  • Each cell can be custom rendered by using Mac OS QuickDraw.
  • Text alignment can be set for each column.
  • The Grid supports more than 32k of rows.
  • One or more Grids can share the same set of data.
  • One or more Grids can share the same row. The same row can also be shared within the same Grid.
  • Drawing can be locked while populating the Grid extra fast and flicker free with data.
  • A invisible Integer ItemData can be placed behind each row.
  • Every cell has a property to attach additional object to store more cell data.
  • Rows can be swapped with a single command.
  • Column width can be set for each column.
  • Supports selecting single cells, entire row, and area selection.

  • The CustomGrid comes fully documented. We document our plugins with RB Plugin Plunger, which means that the documentation is built into the plugin. To read the documentation users need to download RB Plugin Plunger which is a free utility which was created by some Plugin authors to provide a standardized documentation for plugins.
  • There are several example projects that come with the CustomGrid.
   Under the hood:
  • CustomGrid is written in C++, its native for each target platform, no platform emulation is done.
  • The CustomGrid uses the lightning fast Einhugur Floating Engine data container as its base for storing and managing data in efficient way.
  • The CustomGrid uses the Einhugur Grid Rendering Engine to do the screen drawing.

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